His heart may be tamed, but he’s still wild enough to protect what’s his.

Stolen Treasure is the second story in The Pack romantic suspense series and is available free to newsletter subscribers. Just tell me where to send it.

Life is good for Neville. His pack has expanded, and the new house even has a little piece of the wild for Neville to call his very own. Better yet, the neighbour has a dog, too. And Neville has never loved anyone the way he loves Lola.

So when a strange truck arrives to take Lola away, Neville sneaks aboard with her. The driver isn’t happy to see him and makes it clear he’s willing to kill both dogs to get what he wants. Problem is, even Neville’s two-legged pack members don’t know what that is.

Stolen Treasure by Jayne Evans, The Pack romantic suspense series